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Day 27: Make me Beautiful

24 February 2018
Biggie gives the Housemates a beauty Task that goes both ways.

In the spirit of tonight’s party, Biggie decided to throw a beauty Task in the mix for the Housemates.

Two Way Street

The Zaron make–up Challenge meant that each pair had only two minutes to complete each other’s make-up, they had to work as a team and do it at the same time in order to achieve this. It was hysterical to watch Tobi and Alex as they clambered and laughed in order to complete successfully. Teddy A and Nina were also loud with their colour choices. It was all laughs during the Task and the guys really stepped up to the plate.

Everyone wins

After watching all the Housemates try their best at their dual speed make-overs, Biggie could not decide who the winners were as he said they “all looked beautiful”. He then declared that they were all winners of the Task and a reward would follow. As everyone rejoiced they were also told to take a Zaron gift box which obviously set the ladies into a state of euphoria.

It Keeps on Coming

Very shortly after the united win, the glammed up Housemates were then told that there was a surprise for them in the store room. After opening it up they found a plethora of amazing new threads to deck them out for the night ahead. There were shrieks of delight and screams of excitement as all the Housemates were overjoyed at their new clothes. Even Alex, who expressed her dismay at the fact that there were never any shoes that fit her, was happy that Biggie had taken notice and fulfilled her request. The Housemates are not the only thing getting beautified tonight, everyone is doing the most to deck out the party room in all denim everything.

Bring on the night!

Make my Face

Who do you think is going to look the flyest at tonight’s party?

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