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Day 24: Girls Time

21 February 2018
The males have been punished for not supporting their women.

The woes of parenthood are being felt in the House this week, but Biggie has come down on the guys, telling them that they will have to pamper the ladies in the House.

Bad Dads

Even though all the Housemates have been trying their best this week with the Task of Responsibility and parenthood some of the guys have definitely been slacking. During the Diary Sessions many of the Housemates said that Tobi, Miracle and Rico Swavey were not as into it as the others. It was evident that Rico Swavey was not exactly glowing in the Diary Room and said it is difficult to see the baby dolls as real children.

Pamper Party

Earlier this evening, Biggie’s voiced boomed through the House and informed the House that all the guys will have to pamper the ladies until further notice. This mean that it is time for them to step up and make them feel like queens. All the ladies of the House have been working hard to win the Wager, especially Ahneeka and Alex who were positively shining in their Diary Sessions.

Rising to the Challenge

Leo, Angel and Teddy A have really risen to the occasion in terms of fatherhood. They could all be seen today taking full charge of their responsibility and barely leaving their babies unattended. Ahneeka even went so far as to say that Angel is doing a better job than her. Teddy A says the Task just feels so natural to him as he is a father outside the House and it is bringing back memories for him. This Task has brought about a range of emotions for all the Housemates and gotten everyone talking about social conscious issues, it has given rise to the reality of actually having children in real life. Anto for example did not take to the Task well in the beginning but is now really starting to get into it.

Time to Shine

The ladies have a lot to look forward to but do you think the guys will step up to the plate?

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