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Day 22: Are They Really Gone?

19 February 2018
The Housemates haven't come to terms with last night's Evictions.


The evening's events have been somehow surreal to some Housemates, who believe that there’s probably a Pair that’s being hidden somewhere whom Big Brother will probably ask to return after a few days.

However, that’s not the case. Prito and Van-Dee are no longer part of the Big Brother show as their journey ended last night after receiving the least number of votes.

As calm as some Housemates were after the Live show, it was clear that the reality in the House was taking a little bit longer to sink in. They tried discussing the possibilities and eventualities of what happened but still it only came to them agreeing that anything is possible in the Big Brother House.


Bam Bam and Alex were visibly the most devastated by the Pairs' departure as they couldn’t hold back their tears. For Cee-C though, it was a different story. Her playful and jolly character came to life; a rare sight that only Tobi has been exposed to.

She and Tobi continued discussing the Evictions and how things have been done in previous Big Brother shows.

Soon after, it was bed time for the Housemates, which was fairly earlier than their usual sleeping times.

After Big Brother’s alarm went off and they started preparing for their workout session, when they got into the Arena they looked for the evicted Housemates, calling Dee-one hoping they would find him there.

Only then they started uttering the words ‘this is real’. As the days go by, reality will definitely hit home.

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