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Day 21: Trouble In Pepper Dem Paradise

21 July 2019
After the party comes the problems.

After the Saturday Night Party, the Pepper Dem Housemates had some altercations that we couldn’t look away from. Join us as we delve into the sauce properly.

Rough Patch

Seems like our Merike ship is undergoing some turbulence as the pair are not on good terms. It all started at the Saturday Night Party when Mercy was seen dancing closely with Tuoyo. This didn’t go down well with the gangsta as Ike went ahead to have a ‘man to man’ chat with Tuoyo - to back off. Later on, Mercy made snide comments about her boo as she said, “that’s how f*ck boys behave”.

Ike too didn’t hide his displeasure as he told Omashola that he doesn’t care anymore if Mercy was giving him a nasty attitude. Ike further revealed that Mercy complained about loving his cigarettes more than he loves her. What can we say? Will the love which has blossomed between these two wither in the days to come?

Eyes On The Prize

It was not only Merike that felt the heat as Frodd also had a change of mood in the House. As we know, when Frodd is unhappy, the waterworks are not far. The Frodd issue started at the party when Esther curved him and went dancing with Nelson. This move by Esther cut Frodd deeply as he was not himself - from the party to after the party.

Thanks to the Pepper Dem in-house advisor - Sir Dee, who helped him straighten the situation with his words of wisdom. He told Frodd to keep his eyes on the prize as it was the ultimate thing they came for. Tuoyo on his part also gave Frodd a solidarity hug to keep him firm.

Still, on the matter, Sir Dee had a one-on-one chat with Nelson to determine if he was the cog in the wheel of love between Esther and Frodd. Here's what Nelson told Sir Dee “I can’t force Esther to like him”.

 With this conclusion, is it safe to tell Frodd to deal with his rejection quickly?

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Drink Responsibly

Tacha turned the spice on Mike and other guys in the House when Mike splashed a piece of Tuoyo's birthday cake at her. “Shut up Mike”, she screamed at him when Mr "MC Oluomo" tried explaining the situation to her.

Miss ‘No Nonsense’ didn’t take it easy as she hurled insults and derogatory words at him. According to her, the guys were drunk and if they had heeded to the warning and drank responsibly, they would have been in full control of the situation.

Omashola who counted himself as "one of the guys" Tacha referred to, decided to reply Tacha. In his words - “Tacha, be specific when you are mentioning guys oh”. Evidently, he didn’t take it that Tacha was generalising and he felt he needed to clear the air. We can’t really say who won that round as it was a quarrel to the finish.

Another Volcano Erupts

Hot lava spewed freely when Thelma faced Omashola in a battle of words. The cause of the earthquake originated when Omashola attempted to enter the shower room as Thelma took a bath. Volcano Thelma erupted and it was another round of unpalatable words for Omashola. To show that she was greatly displeased with him, Thelma made it known that this was the last time she was going to respect him as he had not acted responsibly. It's like last night was not Omashola’s night oo.

Please Forgive Me

Omashola realized he had offended a "deity" and so he screamed his apology to Thelma. Unfortunately, Thelma was having none of it as she was worried that Omashola might have had a glimpse of her in her birthday suit. All attempts by the Warri brother to smoothen ruffled feathers fell on deaf ears, as Thelma refused to be appeased. From the bathroom to the sitting room, to the bedroom to the kitchen, Thelma was unwilling to budge and we can't help but wonder if Omashola hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew.

With this interesting 'after-party', don't you look forward to the next Saturday Night Party?  

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