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Day 20: On Angel Wings

17 February 2018
After Ahneeka blanked him, Angel quickly set his sight onto Princess.

When Angel entered the House, he said he would be the ‘voice of reason’ and that he was a very logical person. Well too much reason may have hurt his chances of wooing female Housemates. 

From the start, Angel has been acting like Mr-Know-It-All, like he had the answer to everything and that his word was The Word.  However it is the same Angel who admitted that one of the things that most irritated him were ‘people trying to enforce their opinion as law”.

It is undeniable that Angel is endowed with a winner's physique, with a strength that speak to his fitness regime. But he hasn’t had an easy time ever since Ninjas took his guitar away from him. Without his guitar to entertain him, Angel had to reinvent a strategy.

Boy was he wrong when he decided to target Ahneeka for she snapped him back into place in a blink of an eye, before rolling away from him.  Earlier Ahneeka had hinted that she was opened to the possibility of dating during their BBNaija stay, just to spice things up and as long as no one knew it. Yet everyone knew that Ahneeka would only flinch for Teddy A. 

Besides, Ahneeka has made no secret that she felt Ifu-Ennada had sensed sparkles in her relation with Angel, and Ahneeka didn’t want any catfight over Angel for wasn’t worth it. 

Inside the muscled Angel beats a tender heart, one that only shares confidences with Ifu-Ennada. It is a heart that is socially awkward yet a heart that has now set its sight onto Princess

How do you think this will evolve?   

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