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Day 17: Bonded and Washed Up

14 February 2018
The Housemates were bonded once again but threw the rules out the window.

There wasn’t much action in the House until Biggie pulled yet another rabbit out of his bottomless hat and had the Housemates switched and paired up again. He called it ‘the season of love’.

The Housemates were given a strict rule of engagement. They were to avoid conversing with Housemates either than their bonded pairs. This at the begging seemed an impossible Task but the Housemates got so submerged that they eventually dissolved the rule and started cross-conversing.

The most interesting of the bonded pairs were Lolu and Cee-C. There seemed to be dark clouds of personal vendettas hanging over the two and the moment couldn’t be more opportune. The pair stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi. Even though she was beating around the bush for a while, Lolu finally cracked the nut and she confessed that she did really like Tobi ‘a lot’.

Bambam and Tobi seemed too close for comfort because judging by the way Bambam seemed so attached to Teddy A, One would assumed she’d be miserable without her bae but, she certainly seems comfortable on Tobi’s lap.

During the Diary sessions, the Housemates revealed why they had nominated other pairs and who they’d eliminate with immediate effect had they been handed the opportunity.

Big Brother must of grown tired of the Housemates' clear disregard for his rules He summoned all the pairs except Bambam, Tobi, Khloe and Anto onto the centre of the garden and had them showered back to obedience, if any ever existed. The Housemates weren’t impressed, some even close to tears but the mood was eventually restored. While most Housemates slept, Lolu and Cee-C carried on with their gists and by the look of things, the pairs aren’t missing each other.

AngelifuBamteddy, CebiLotoMinaPrittoRineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 15 February at 21:00 WAT.

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