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Day 16: The King Killing Queen

13 February 2018
Khloe didn’t get it her way, all the way, which landed K.Brule on the highway.

It is no secret that K_Square (Khloe and K.Brule) make for a spikey pair at all levels, and the dysfunctional Head of House duo make for a dramatic leadership. Although their personalities might appear to be utterly divergent, based on their periodic bickering, there might be more to their joint stories than meets the eye.

Lift me up don't bring me down

As Housemates enjoyed a pick-me-up in the garden, K.Brule asked to take a sip from Khloe’s drink which she opposed to. She knew K.Brule doesn’t hold down alcohol very well and Teddy A had made her drink much stronger than his. This revelation annoyed K.Brule even more for he didn’t like being babied, and even less so publicly scorned by his fierce and fabulous Queen. He turned to his newly-found confidante Alex to whom he had been pouring his heart out about Khloe’s demeaning attitude. Alex must have been waiting for the chance to give Khloe a piece of her mind, for no one expected her to roar so violently. Something must have been brewing in Alex for she threw a ton of expletives to Khloe to cut K.Brule a slack.

Might is right 

As a result, when Khloe caller her coregent to come sleep in the royal suite for their first night as Heads of House, to her biggest surprise, K.Brule had the cheek to say ‘no’. But the lady doesn’t take affront lightly, and while she was flabbergasted, she gathered herself and repeated her order. After all she made no secret of despising K.Brule and expected him to be wrapped around her finger. Power in Khloe’s view could never be shared with K.Brule. Unfortunately for him there was nowhere to hide from his Queen. As the leading lady that she is, Khloe proceeded to copiously lecture her King K.Brule that he was selfish for not recognising that she stood up for him for she didn’t want Biggie to strike him again.  Left with no other option than co-operation, K.Square replied to Khloe’s half-baked truth that he understood her, and she didn’t have to be so distrustful. Somehow K.Brule managed to get even the hard heartened ones like Khloe to soften up, hugging her so much so that she started crying that she was scared of being in love too much.  

Was it tact or technique that made K.Brule reassure Khloe that his love for her was of the brotherly type?

AngelifuBamteddyCebiLotoMinaPritoRineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 15 February at 21:00 (WAT).

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