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Day 16: The Ties that Bind

13 February 2018
The "Tied Together" theme of the week has Housemates bonding, even if they don't even realise it.

This week has already all types of crazy for the Housemates and it's only Tuesday. First the new theme of "Tied Together", the Nominations and then the harrowing Food Task. Thankfully last night Biggie gave the Housemates their weekly supplies which really made for an easier, more positive energy in the House.

Fast Friends

Obviously the Housemates needed a drink after the stressful day and as the alcohol flowed so unlikely companions were made. It was a clever move on Biggie's part to shake up the pairs and shackle the shuffle together because it is making for an interesting watch.

Miracle and Ahneeka bonded well over a conversation about his career as a pilot, the usually quiet Housemate seemed to be at ease with her. Miss Khloe and Teddy A spent time outside together puffing away while Khloe vented her frustrations with Alex and gossiped to Teddy A about Princess and Alex. He was so calm and supportive towards her, telling her that people love her personality outside of the House and that he is sure the audience loves her because she is entirely herself. Leo and Princess seemed to get close over a conversation about Leo's ex-girlfriend and Lolu even saved Alex during the Food Task, from not vomiting. Khloe, Teddy A, Angel and Anto also bond over their shared dislike for the way the other Housemates act about food.

Taking No Prisoners

No doubt, Khloe is relishing in her role as HoH, but her strong personality and straight talking ways have really come to the fore since she was crowned. As much as the Housemates are bonding, the new HoH takes no nonsense from anyone and makes it extremely clear. Last night she lashed out at both Princess and Alex over, you guessed it, food and told Princess that if she has a problem, she must be open about it. 

The Quiet Ones

One Housemate who has been noticeably and strangely quite through this whole extravaganza has been K.Brule. Last night he was shackled to Lolu but while all the others were drinking, smoking and having a good time, K.Brule was quiet and not really participating in any of the groups’ laughter or fun. Cee-C also looked like she had a bee in her bonnet last night, and even had a light argument at the table with K.Brule looking all grumpy, but it is evident that the wind has been taken out of both their sails.

Who do you think will become unlikely alliances due to being "tied up" all week?


AngelifuBamteddyCebiLotoMinaPritoRineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 15 February at 21:00 (WAT).

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