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Day 14: A Flooded Desert

11 February 2018
The House went from desert to rain forest real quick.

Although there seemed to be a lack of activity in the House, there was an obvious excitement for the late night Saturday events that usually shake the Housemates up and aid in revelations of their alter egos all thanks to some liquid courage.

Conflicts Galore 

While the other Housemates continued with the horrendous screw pins and nuts punishment that was not so horrendous but “therapeutic” as Teddy A had put it; Ahneeka and Teddy A joined by Ifu Ennada discussed the previous day’s event that led to Ahneeka exploding without warning and leaving a sour taste in both their mouths. Both parties explained their stand points and the feud died down instantly.

There was an argument between Nina and Ifu Ennada that was egged on by name calling and explicit disrespect against which Miracle stood boldly and defended Nina’s honour, pulling Ifu’s ear and letting her know that she’s older than Nina and should behave accordingly. The indirect warning seemed to have been heeded because Ifu Ennada looked somewhat apologetic about her behaviour.


On a lighter note, the Valentine’s inspired party brief was received and the Housemates dove right into the preparation, admiring the very glamorous attire. The party was not short of any dirty dancing and grinding with Tobi displaying unusual freedom and Cee-C letting him have his glory while she had her own. Rico Swavey should get a stamp of approval as class clown because he was literally all over the place.

After Tobi’s use and abuse of freedom in the form of a half strip, we need to thank the gods for liquid courage, Princess blurted out that she was into someone’s man and that person should be careful, not failing to actually call Miracle out. She’s definitely not giving him up anytime soon. 

Dirty Dancing 

How do you think last night’s events will affect the dynamic in the House today seeing as though it’s the Live Show this evening and tensions are already running high? 

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