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Day 13: Never Have I Ever 

10 February 2018
After a few Friday drinks, Housemates started a heated game of late night confessions, bringing a whole different twist to this new genre of Truth or Dare.

Who’s the Baddest? 
In the bedroom, K.Brule has proven that there was more to him than a bruised soul: meandering with a bottle in hand, he prompted Housemates into daring to answer risqué questions about very intimate details or take a sip of water as a silent confession. That K.Brule could be as wily as a fox came quite as an eye-opener. 

The More the Merrier
The high-spirited Ifu-Ennada, Princess and Khloe were the first Housemates to get into the charade.

They were giggling all over the place, jumping from one bed to another while feigning shock at the crude questions that were thrown at them. Soon after Ahneeka, Anto and Lolu were sucked into the game as they walked to their beds.

By then, the stakes had escalated into off-limits questions.Even Rico Swavey was smashed on all four as a hyper Bitto dashed in and out of what had become a mad room.

When K.Brule poked ‘Have You Ever Been Genuinely in Love’, the rapid succession of “I’ll drink to that” that poured into the room were the most revealing declarations of guilt. Really? Not even since kindergarten? No high-school fling? Come on Housemates…
Smelling like Double Wahala
As the game became naughtier, Ifu-Ennada sneaked out to the kitchen to eat and cool off from the feverish, borderline vicious chat that was threatening to degenerate into a full-blown debauchery.

In the living room, Princess slept on the couch hugging a pillow and across her was Vandora rolling on the sofa’s narrow space, while Bitto had elected to sleep outside altogether on the hammock to shield himself from unsustainable female attention.

Perhaps Housemates were not as boozed-up as they appeared and it would not make sense to pin their raw truths to alcohol. 

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