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Day 12: K_Square to The Power of Infinity

09 February 2018
K_square seems to be pulling their weight and finding a path to a fruitful partnership.

If Biggie had to host an awards ceremony, Khloe would definitely get an award for being remotely dramatic and loud and as for K.Brule, he’d definitely bag the ‘most curved’ and ‘most despised by you partner’ awards. However, they seem to have acquired a different type of glue to keep K_square intact.

Roughing It Out

It’s no secret that the two have been playing Tom and Jerry in the House, with insults thrown in here and there by none other than Khloe and K.Brule being rather receptive, almost alarmingly so. The desert couldn’t have been dryer when Supe K.Brule pulled the flying stunt and scored them the first Strike of the season.

Khloe Much?

Khloe had been the talk of Big Brother Town for a minute now and it hasn’t been pretty as she’s the Housemate who’s had the most brawls by far; motives varying from being over-opinionated, saying the wrong things and wait for it… food. She’d been throwing punches and hanging on that ‘I don’t care’ tip. Her behaviour has been so controversial that it almost looks deliberate.

Universe to K.Brule

K.Brule might as well be labelled the calmest guy in the House because he’s been served a bottle of sauce which he’s swallowed whole. Webbing through Khoe’s disrespect, handling the shame when Anto rejected him and carrying the Strike burden. But ever since Biggie announced the Strike, he basically curled into his shell and sealed the entrances, literally going mute.

Just The Two of Us

Fast forward to today, after K.Brule decided to crack his shell open and put Khloe in her place, telling her to stop screaming at him and calling him stupid; she seems to have a new found respect for her partner. They sat cosily and awkwardly exchanged kindness today, proving that Khloe must having been putting up a front and turning off her emotional side because by the looks of things, K.Brule seems to be willing to give this pair thing another shot and she isn’t objecting it at all. She even mentioned what a nice person he really is. Could it be that asking K.Brule to man up and stand his ground is a sign that Khloe might be interested in igniting a romantic spark? The posibilitie are endless. 

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