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Day 12: Hard Times Ahead

12 July 2019
The Housemates lost their Wager, what next?

This morning, the Housemates gathered in the garden to discuss the next line of action after they lost their first Wager last night.

Applying Wisdom

The Pepper Dem Housemates didn't Pepper Biggie enough with their play and the implication for this was that their allowance for next week will be affected. It was time for them to be prudent. Who better to lead the conversation than Seyi?

Comrade Seyi took it upon himself to address the Housemates about food wastage in the House. He highlighted the fact that most of the Housemates are in the habit of sipping their drinks and discarding the rest of it. According to him, this was something that will definitely work against them in the week to come.

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Ration Police

To ensure the Housemates adhere to the new rules of rationing, Seyi mentioned that he will be working hand in hand with KimOprah to ensure that fellow Housemates apply caution in their excessive eating habits. He also suggested that they come up with a kitchen timetable so it won’t be one person that will be doing the cooking.

A Word is Enough

Other Housemates like Nelson, Mike, Tacha and Sir Dee also made comments on the matter. However, it was Sir Dee’s comment that gave the Housemates pause as he said: “This is Egypt and Joseph has received the dream”. Do you think the Housemates understood this proverb?

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Flogging a Dead Horse

One matter that continued to rear its ugly head in the Big Brother Naija House is hygiene. It feels like all the Housemates effort to keep the House in a clean state is been thwarted as Esther brought it up again in the meeting. 

The Housemates have nodded their heads in agreement to all that was said but will they stick to the rules?

Watch how their meeting went.

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