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Day 12: Back On Track?

09 February 2018
Housemates are recovering from the shock of losing the Wager and still processing the relationships earthquake Biggie sparked.

Under the weekly theme ‘Be Humble and Learn’ Biggie took it up a notch by teaching Housemates some martial arts. It was quite a jolly exercise to watch for not everyone in the House has a perfect sleight of hand.

Injure One Injure All

Perhaps it came as no surprise that those who had stayed up late at night to share conspiracies struggled the most during this exercise; even the very athletic Angel.  Housemates have entered into a turbulence zone and are riding through the wave. So far no major casualties has been reported since K.Brule’s moment, but the biggest relationship shake-ups have also left serious dents in the House.

The Bittersweet loss

Biggie gave the green light for Housemates to speak their deepest minds out to each other. Suffice to say it turned into a perfectly orchestrated carnage, the consequences of which will unfold as we watch. The most ignited splinter took hold of the House when Housemates held nothing to guesswork and spoke all, leaving the archives completely empty. The ever so creative Bitto even went as far as coining the name ‘Delilah’ for Cee-C. We all know what that means; Tobi is deemed to have lost his ‘game’ to Cee-C’s charm.  Biggie then pushed the envelope further when after days of effort for their Tasks presentation, he crushed Housemates hopes by declaring they had lost the Wager due to ‘unruliness’. Upon learning of their defeat, Biggie na place cherry on top of the bittersweet cake and mentioned that upon every loss of the Wager,  the price of  food items in the store will increase, therefore reducing their buying power. Housemates retreated back into the House to devise new ways to nail their games.

Ouch, It Hurt 

It was cleary difficult for the Housemates to decide on which wounds to nurse, the lost Wager or the painful truths revealed about each of them. Nonetheless, the train had to leave the station, even though some still had one foot outside. Cee-C, or should we say 'Delilah' seemed to be the most shattered of the bunch and took it out on poor ol Tobi while the rest took to their corners and talked their sorrows away. The truths revealed will affect friendships in the long run and how that affects each pair's game is deeply hidden in the library of time. 

With all his drama, do you think the Housemates will be able to regroup and find their path

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