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Day 11: Kicking the Hornets' Nest

08 February 2018
Today Biggie came up with one of the meanest Task for Housemates. He called onto Head of House Tobi to read the instructions that sounded so surreal that he had to read them twice for Housemates to understand the rules.

Tell All Task

Forever the master of the game, Biggie gathered the Housemates in the living room and gave them the formidable Task of naming one thing they didn’t like about each other. 

Flabbergasted, Housemates did not get a full sense of what they were engaging into, and after some rumble, conceded to start the Task.

At first, Head of House Tobi had some difficulty bringing the noise levels down as the Housemates were only half-listening, chuckling and whispering until he raised his voice and demanded that everybody be quiet.

Tobi asked partners to sit separately and then the game began. He joked that "by popular vote" he would start and was the first to unleash the deluge of bitterness that drowned Housemates. 

The Truth Hurts

The Head of House opened the hostilities against Nina whom he called ‘generally annoying’, Khloe whom he described as ‘an ass and a troublemaker’ and said he didn’t trust Anto ‘who kissed two boys in one night’. 

One by one, in a clockwise movement, Housemates rose to the challenge and kept the torrent of unpleasant, sarcastic and mean attacks flowing like a river.

Leo led a fully frontal attack calling K.Brule a ‘party-pooper’, mocking Alex for her ‘short attention span’ while Dee-One warned Tobi that his ‘days were numbered’.

It takes a strong wo-man to come out without a scratch from such mind games, and it was clear for all to see that Housemates were shattered, some biting their nails, others silently wiping tears, and most keeping their eyes shut at the first interruption as if to isolate themselves.

But Khloe and Alex took the centre stage with their sharp tongues. ‘I thought I was annoying until I met you’ said Khloe to her partner K.Brule, and she fired at Bitto that he made her cry and had yet to pay for it. 

Changing Dynamics

Although this group talk was designed to root out all bad beef, having to soaking in all these acid words caused quite a shock to Housemates. Dynamics inside the House have almost instantly changed and cracks between Miracle and Nina, the first couple and first kiss, evident. 

If Biggie’s intent was on giving Housemates another lesson, well the objective seemed to have succeeded.

Watch the punchiest moments and tell us what you think. The second part of this Task is coming soon. Stay tuned. 

What I Don't Like About You

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