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Day 10: The Game is On

07 February 2018
Lolu only has one more day to successfully complete his Task of making one of the Housemates fall in Love with him.

Last night was extremely eventful for all the Housemates, in the midst of all the secrets and cat fights, Biggie threw in two Tasks. The main event however was Lolu’s Secret Task and the admission of his strategy in the Diary Room.

The Targets

Lolu openly admitted that he was going to make a play for either Ahneeka or Vandora in order to succeed in his Secret Task. After all the practicing for the pantomime and the Presentation Task was over last night, Lolui began to take the first steps on his path to hopeful victory.

Plots and complications

He began to chat and flirt with Ahneeka in the kitchen, asking her who she has feelings for and her reciprocating by asking what kind of girls he likes. They were exchanging cute laughs and smiles for miles.This is definitely a tricky situation because Ahneeka knows that Lolu is partnered up with Anto and she may not want to step on her toes. Obviously everyone knows that Lolu has a Secret Task too so his actions may seem transparent. Both Ahneeka and Vandora have stated that they are happy in their partnerships with Rico Swavey and Dee-One respectively. Biggie really knows how to shake things up.

All the Unanswered Questions

What will the new day bring to light for Lolu’s Task? Will he make a play for Vandora next and if so how will this affect the pairings? Do you think Lolu will be successful in his Task? Or will his actions fall flat? He only has one more day to make it happen.

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