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Day 1: Whose Game is Stronger?

29 January 2018
With the new season of Double Wahala upon us, whose gameis stronger with Head of House Tobi flexing his wares a and Alex playing his guitar or Tobi cozying up to Princess in bed on a cold, rainy day.
jacuzzi 3

With the new season of Double Wahala upon us, whose game is stronger? With Head of House Tobi flexing his wares and Angel playing his guitar while all the women dance around him. Meanwhile, Bitto snuck into Princess' bed while she was trying to sleep but, she was cool with it after telling him first that she was trying to sleep as it was a cold and rainy day.

With everyone trying to establish themselves in the House, it is extremely noisy. With Bitto being especially noisy, some of the Housemates have even teased him about his proclivity for constant chatter.  Tobi seems to be popular among both the men and the women in the House and seems to be a popular Head of House as most said he was calm and efficient. It doesn't harm his chances that he is also good to look at as he spent much of the evening in and around the Jacuzzi lounging around sexily in his shorts entertaing the likes of Khloe and others with his wit while lazily flexing his muscles. Sexy and smart! Is this his game, to dazzle everyone with his intellect and smoking hot looks? The ladies don't seem to mind. 

Angel had his own audience inside as the weather kept everyone inside, he strummed his guitar and had Alex, BambamAnto, Nina dancing to his funky chops while the guys watched on. How will they react to his obvious way with women, will they gang up on him or will this help secure Alex's future deep into the game.

Bitto had a more direct approach when he snuck into Princess' bed while she was trying to sleep. She was initially put out but soon was sharing small talk with him. How will his direct nature help him in the game or will it rub his fellow Housemates up the wrong way? Only time will tell. 

It is going to be interesting to see who has the best strategy and who has the strongest game with N45 000 000 up for grabs and a SUV, will Tobi be able to rely on his good looks or will he also need his brain and will Angel's sweet soothing music lull Nigeria into voting for him or will a more direct approach be needed as Bitto showed this evening by brazenly slipping into Princess' bed? Stay tuned on DStv and GOtv to see what comes next for the 20 new Housemates. Already this season is giving us entertainment and it is only day one. 

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