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Day 1: Welcome Back to the Diary Room

29 January 2018
One of the most important parts of Big Brother Naija is the Diary Room Sessions and the new Housemates just had their first session on Biggie's chair.
Ifu diary room session 1

One by one, Biggie called the new Housemates into the Diary Room where they got to taste what it is like to be in the spotlight with Biggie's thoughtful and searching questions. Biggie wanted to know how everyone was feeling, how they felt about the Head of House challenge and who they would like to be paired up with in a strategic alliance. He also wanted to know who was vibing with who and also what they thought about last night's Fake Evictions of the six unlucky Housemates who didn't have beds. 

Most of the Housemates were happy with Tobi winning the Head of House challenge and said that he was really "chilled" as Head of House but, some were eying him jealously as they wanted to taste the same privileges that comes with being the Head of House. Everybody seemed confident that they can go far in the game, some going so far as to say that they can win it. Most of the Housemates said that they were still observing everyone before deciding on who to befriend and who to align themselves with as at the moment, it is all just a "talking competition" with everyone trying to establish themselves. All in all, everyone seems happy with Biggie's choice of Housemates as everyone said how smart everyone is. 

Some of the Housemates did single out who they would take into a strategic partnership with Dee-One singling out Rico Swavey as a good potential ally as he "has a good sense of humour. Vandora singled out Dee-One as her pick for an ally as "he is smart and he likes me." Let us see how they react when they are actually paired up with someone and it's not the person they wanted. 

Dee-One told Biggie that he thought that Teddy A and Angel were bonding and forming an alliance over their shared taste in music. Nina felt that she was already forming a strong bond with Bitto as well as with Angel. Meanwhile, Princess told Biggie that she wanted to be in a strategic alliance with Bitto as he is "a deep, calculated thinker." It is interesting to see all the new relationships forming and we will watch with interest to see which ones last and which ones don't. 

Watch more below as the Housemates get their first taste of what it is like to be in Big Brother's chair.

With so many intelligent and good looking people under one roof, this season of Big Brother Naija Double Wahala looks set to be crazy and we will be with you all the way. 

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