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Day 1: Budding romance

01 July 2019
The Housemates continue to know one another.

Earlier on, Biggie asked the Pepper Dem Housemates to select the Head of House by getting to know one another. They have been doing that quite alright but some of the Housemates are making us blink twice in their “bonding”.

Mercy vs BB Naija fine men

Seems like Mercy is trying to know all the freshest men in the House better. From Frodd to Gedoni to Ike, Mercy’s antennae are all out. While we can’t pinpoint who she wants to be romantically involved with, we can safely say that she got good eyes for fine things (men perhaps) or could this be a strategy?

1562020171 34 screenshot 2019 07 01 at 4.11.36 pm

The Mr. Universe effect

Nelson is not taking it easy with the charm as he switched it on full power on Diane while they were in bonding in the garden. For a moment it looked as if he was going to take Diane on a bus ride to an exotic location. Has the journey started? Will he take Diane to her destination safely? Our eyes are wide open.

1562020240 34 screenshot 2019 07 01 at 7.36.52 pm

Kitchen tales

Some of the Drama and hot actions in Big Brother Naija House have always taken place in the Kitchen. From the look of things, this Season’s Pepper Dem gang are beginning to utilize the Kitchen properly. Taking the lead is Omashola, who was spotted with Isilomo prepping up for dinner. The tattoo gist and family history Omashola served Isilomo, made us wonder what was brewing. Is story telling a strategy to win Isilomo’s heart? 

1562020329 34 screenshot 2019 07 01 at 5.56.51 pm

Bold Ella

Ella took a shot at Mike. If your mouth fell open, then your reaction was in line with ours. Ella doesn’t seem to be afraid as she openly admitted to Mike that she can’t look him in the eyes because of the way she feels around him. What is Ella up to? Is some spicy sauce about to be cooked up? We will closely follow this up.

Looks as if Cupid arrows are hitting their targets. Will the budding romance bloom? We can't wait to find out.

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