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Day 10: All Hail The Drama Queens

07 February 2018
The House was shook today and these three divas were the quake.

Since the inception of Big Brother Naija, we have been served a colourful plate of drama, romance, frenemyship and now, we’re enjoying a hint of conspiracy. Biggie no make mistakes o, no wonder our menu is called ‘Double Wahala’. The women in the House managed to show us flames and leave us sweating today.

‘Princess’ Princess

Ever Since she strutted onto the Big Brother stage, spotting that blue number of hers and talking selfies with Ebuka, it’s not careless to assume that we all saw ‘trouble’ written all over that scenario. Well, we were right. Princess’ latest brawl with Cee-C showed us just how self-assured she is. She wasn’t afraid to reveal that she was ‘almost’ into Tobi and feels she pushes Cee-C towards him because ‘she’s liked her from the beginning’. Very opinionated and fearlessly frontal princess even mentioned just how her partner Bitto needed to pull his weight to make the pair strong; low-key saying she’s already strong and needs not be tweaked. So much for ‘Be Humble’.

Anto The Realest

From promising us a ‘western’ feel to actually bringing something somewhat peppery, Anto hasn’t been afraid to get her hands dirty lately. She feels that Cee-C is all bark and no bite and that she has absolutely no competition simply because no one is her. When Lolu asked her if she was jealous he gave massages, she said there was no reason for that because there is none like her. Comparing the House to a game of football, she mentioned just how she takes the right contract and prompted him to stop playing candy crush and pick up his game. Judging by how laid back she was during the ‘spin the bottle game, Anto is a force to be reckoned with. Curve boss.

See Cee-C

Cee-C wore her glass sandals and played queen from the moment Tobi chose her to share the throne and she seems to have taken over.  After throwing fire bullets because Anto gave Tobi a lap dance, she confessed that she was 'a little' jelous but went on to tell Tobi that she doesn't have to make people like her. Although aware of the changes she needs to make, she's still subconsiously affected by her past. She said she was satisfied with her partner but seems to always serve him curve balls. She even used the word ‘Friend; on him. Some humble pie maybe?

If this much drama has taken place just 10 days through, what more are we to expect from these drama queens? Are the other Housemates brewing their own? 

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