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Day 91: Emotional Revelations

29 September 2019
We have had many after party drama but tonight was championed by the ships in the House.

What is the Pepper Dem Party without the drama we often get from the Housemates? This time we got served doses of it by Mercy and Ike. It got so hot that bucket of tears was even shed.

Soothing Words

After every Saturday Party, the Icy pair has always entertained us with their moments of sweet words and lovey-dovey. Tonight was a little different as Mercy couldn’t hide her fears about their future together. To her, Ike might not be able to cater to her needs, most especially her family needs which she claimed might overwhelm him. Ike’s reply, in his soft speaking manner, was, “I won’t disappoint you.”

1569721738 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.15.38 pm

An Emotional Reminiscing  

We understand how much Mercy wished Ike could understand her. But the way she went all emotional about it tonight further heightened her fears. Worried if Ike could really take care of her, she told him, “I’m a big commodity.” A statement which we felt should hit Ike, but the resident good guy calmed her with reassuring words. Seeing her friend in tears, Diane felt concerned and joined her, taking turns to share her own experience. Talk about friendship goals. 

1569721932 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.47.46 pm

We thought it was going to end there when suddenly Mercy burst into tears. She wouldn’t stop talking about her family background. She also wondered how he was going to cope with the pressure from her family. “My family will drain you crazy,” she told him. Whether this emotional outburst was booze-induced or borne out of genuine interest in the ship post-Big Brother, we might never know.

The Dialo Moment

As the Icy pair had their talk, the Dialo ship was also engaged in a moment of truth session. Elozonam told Diane why he was feeling reluctant to sleep on her bed. He said she slept on her arm which made him uncomfortable. As he went on with his explanations, Diane did not utter a single word. Well, it’s a good thing that these two had to chat to iron out their misunderstanding.

1569721647 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.16.00 pm

The after Party drama was a little different from our expectations tonight. Knowing that the show is drawing to a close, the Pepper Dem Gang are not ready to let loose their guards. But at least the pepper Served by Mercy and Ike in their dramatic conversation was enough to go by.

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