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10 Reasons You Love Seyi

20 September 2019
Blunt and creative, Seyi is a whole mood in the Pepper Dem House and his fans love him for that.

Sucre Papito aka Sugar Daddy aka the Tor Tiv, we have seen many sides of Seyi. Hi fans detail all the reaons they stan.

1. Selfless

When he refused to use his Veto Power, he demonstrated a certain level of empathy, even though some felt it wasn't wise.

2. Great Orator

Eloquent and brilliant, his Tor Tiv speech and many other moments during Task presentations still stand out.

3. Meme Gawd

He has supplied social media with countless meme worthy moments.

4. Competitive

He has won the Veto Power and HoH twice and has also recorded wins at the Bet9ja Friday Arena Games. 

5. He's Neat

Seyi's kitchen practice is not left unnoticed. 

6. He’s Intelligent

The way he solves puzzles, contributes to discussions and relates with other Housemates shows how intelligent he is.  

7. Well Read

He’s an embodiment of knowledge. To read about ancient Egypt no be small matter!

8. Dark And Cute

He may be taken, but that does not stop his fans from commenting on his good looks.

9. Composure

He’s cool and collected with the gait of a leader. 

10. Unpredictable

The psychologist presents himself to the world as an encyclopedia.

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