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10 Reasons You Love Elozonam 

20 September 2019
Dancer, Writer and Actor. Is there anything #BBPepperDem10 member Elozonam cannot do?
Elozonam Pepper Dem Gang

He may have come into Biggie's House some weeks after the show had already started, but Elozonam has successfully won many hearts. Here are the reasons those who love him feel that way: 

1. Talented
He is talented, creative and eloquent. 

2. Intelligent 
He has on more than one occasion during Tasks showed us that he is sharp.

3. Determined
You've seen him practice for all the various Tasks that Housemates have been involved in, he doesn't stop until he gets it right.

4. Entertaining 
Recall that performance he did with an oiled body where he danced as swiftly as a cat? What of that time he did Sumo with Cindy?

5. A Team Player 
His HoH reign has shown us that he considers the opinion of others before making a decision.

6. He Is Competitive 
All he wants to do is win, win, win!

7. He's Rational

No one -well except Diane - was mad at him for using his VPH for saving Venita.

8. He's A Dance Freak

There is evidence of Elozonam's love for music everywhere in Biggie's House.

9. Cool As A Cucumber

We have seen him in situations where we thought he'd lose it but brother man kept it together because he's self-aware.

10. He's A Vibe

Whether he's in a silky Samurai style blue shirt or Carribean style shorts, Elozonam rocks his outfits with confidence and a smile.

Here's what you love about Elozonam

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