Day 9: Truth or dare and a wet-blanket – BBNaija

02 August 2021
The Housemates blew off some steam over a game of truth or dare.
BBNaija Truth or dare

Hold on tightly geng because this #BBNaija tea is piping hot! We encourage you to also fasten your bootstraps as we walk you through the unexpected events from the truth or dare game, that left us slightly in shambles.

Close to midnight, after the stressful Wildcard reveal, the Housemates gathered to unwind over a game of Truth or Dare. Cross who was the rainmaker, persuaded the Housemates to gather up for the unexpected festivities.

Housemates started off shy, giving generic truths and innocent dares, but it wasn’t long before things got fiery as they went the extra mile, daring each other to kiss and somewhat explore one other’s anatomies.

Yousef and Liquorose shocked us as they were the first to share a kiss followed by one of the most intimate moments of the game. We have seen the Housemate who started off as a shy fellow slowly opening up as your favourite eye candy and shooting his shot at the female Housemates who find themselves on his radar. All in the name of tonsil hockey, it was Yousef’s lucky night when he scored another kiss from Arin.

The instigator, Cross, dared Maria to french kiss any guy she wanted, and much to his pleasure, she chose him for this thrilling moment. However, Cross was less than impressed with the kiss and reiterated that it was meant to be a french kiss.

We sense trouble for the SammieAngel Ship because we were surprised to see Angel sharing a passionate kiss with Boma and Saga. Sammie didn’t look happy about it, but he seems to have taken this reality like a man since the game is only getting started. One would say that a game is a game, but we are not certain if all this lip action is just part of the Housemates’ strategy or if it will lead to some broken hearts and plenty tears.

Nini took the position of a spoilsport, refusing to take part in the spicy game even though we all know Saga was secretly hoping for a chance.

Niyi, maintaining his fidelity, stood his ground as a married man and didn’t take part in these steamy games. A true statement of, ‘I’m just here for the cash.’

Since the Housemates had visibly started warming up to their one-week-old romantic interests, we can’t help but wonder if this game was the perfect tipping point to make or break some of the emerging Ships.

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