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Day 37: Therapy session in the House – BBNaija

30 August 2021
The Housemates got together to talk about their #BBNaija journey so far.
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One thing we know for sure is that the Shine Ya Eye geng is made up of diverse people from different walks of life and we love their unity despite a few gbas gbos here and there.

After last night’s shocking Evictions where they bid farewell to Maria, JMK and Sammie, the Housemates decided to take some time out to talk about their favourite Evicted Housemates, their #BBNaija journey as well as the plans they have after leaving the House.

The game, which mimicked a therapy session was instigated by Cross. It was better than their usual sleepy afternoon blues because we got to pick up a few new things about the Housemates.

Missed Evicted Housemates

The Housemates have created a bond that goes beyond the borders of the #BBNaija House. The Housemates miss some of the Evicted Housemates – Yerins, Niyi, Beatrice, Princess, Arin, Maria, JMK and Sammie.

Peace went first and said she missed Sammie’s naivety which made him interesting. The geng also love and miss the way he spoke, his jokes and how he organised their dramas and creative skits.

Arin is also greatly missed by the Housemates. Nini who was part of her clique said, “I miss Arin so much. I used to be more relaxed when she was here because she had my back.” Her bestie Saga also echoed these feelings. “I miss Arin a lot. We could talk for Africa and she taught me a lot about feminism.” She is probably one of the most missed Housemates because they all had something to say about her interactions in the House.

We are not surprised that the geng already misses Maria because she is certainly a voice we will all miss hearing on Africa’s favourite reality show. Pere told the geng a story about how the Wildcard search made them closer. “She made an impression and it was remarkable for the time she was here,” he said.

The Housemates also has some kind words to say about Yerins and Niyi. Liquorose wished to have more time to hang out with Yerins and to engage with the Polymath’s mind. The Housemates also gave props to Niyi’s fashion sense and his ability to observe and address issues objectively.

There were a few shout outs to Kayvee from Cross and Saskay who felt like they could have gotten to know him better during his short stay in the House.

What they have learned in the House

We have learned a lot from watching the Housemates as they present their weekly Tasks and challenges but they also have so much they have learned in these last few weeks. The biggest lesson they all share is patience.

Tega said she has learned to be more patient and to be able to tolerate things in the House. Jaypaul feels that being in the House has challenged him to vibe with different types of people because of the group work they do daily. Yousef feels that the game has improved him mentally too. “The game is getting harder as we get closer to the end. I’m welcoming the challenge.”

Jackie B has learned how to resolve issues with others. “This House has taught me to resolve issues. Outside the House, once I have a fall out with anybody, I’m done with them. But I have been able to move on from fights in this House and I’m going to continue being that person,” she said. Angel has learned the same as well as how to coexist with people outside her reclusive nature.

As it turns out, Liqourose is a shy artist and she plans to work more on getting over her shyness. “I am a creative but I have let my shyness go forward but I am going to step forward more now.” Queen shared that that House has shown her a different side of her. “Coming into the House, at some point I felt like I wasn’t talented.”

Plans after leaving the House

These Housemates are yet to surprise us with all their talents and skills which we are only having a taste of from their involvement in Biggie’s House. Nini invited all the Housemates to her store launch in Abuja when she leaves the House.

Pere is plunging back into the world of acting after his stay in the House. “I came from Nollywood and when I leave, I’m going back home to Nollywood. I’m hoping to do great things with some directors.”

Tega is also going back to the world of acting. “ I am going back to Nollywood. It has been a long time coming. She is open to other things.

Jaypaul plans to drop lots of music that he worked on before entering the House and host more TV shows. “I want to be a pioneer of mobile cinematography in Nigeria.” As he plans to go to film school and carry on his business.

Yousef plans to get into modelling. “I am looking forward to seeing my face on billboards.” He also wants to get into movies like his brother. He wants to get into business, eating well, going green and getting into agriculture following his mother’s footsteps.

Jackie B misses making peoples dreams come through as a wedding planner and designer. “That’s my entire life.” She looks forward to getting back to expressing her creativity outside the House.

Angel plans to open a salon and a spa and she promised her fellow Housemates free hairstyles and cuts for a month. She also wants to go to film school in Vancouver and to start a mental health blog and organization to help women and girls who have to deal with mental health issues alone.

Emmanuel wants to expand on his business and modelling. “Being here is bridging that gap. I have also been working on my foundation for the disabled and elderly.” Liquorose hopes to open a dance studio where she will offer free classes for a month. “

Whitemoney plans to help people after leaving the #BBNaija House. “I am plenty things and I love doing plenty things. I want to be used.”

As much as we would love for the show to continue, we are also excited to see what the Season six Housemates will get up to once the show ends.  

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