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Locked in Character

15 November 2018
We're fortunate to have a pool of talent that delivers our stories ever so flawlessly and this week, we profile 6 amazing characters!

It takes much more than just talent to have people clinging onto your every word and expecting the unexpected in every scene your anchor. Now, the whole tele-series ramp is not as clear cut as it seems; especially because characters are expected to find new depths and dimensions to their personas… Continuously. In line with the ‘give kudos to whom and when due’, we bring you 6 Africa Magic relevant characters that serve us sauce and then some.

Always fully submerged in character and ready to dash her many shades of evil is none other than Forbidden’s Eboh Dorego. The story of the forbidden fruit revolves around co-bridging stories to which Dame Doregos is always connected. Tina Mba does an implacable job drawing us into an empathetic limbo. After all, wouldn’t you steal, kill and destroy for your household?! For evil so flawlessly delivered, kudos to Tina Mba.

‘EVE’ is set in the backdrop of societal scorning and huffing over women that try to juggle impossibly demanding careers while serving warm homecooked meals and tending to her households. Ezinne finds herself in constant predicaments that have her boyfriend questioning her emotional availability. Interpreted by Ebenezer Eno, Eve represents countless career women who just want to have it… Who can in actual fact have it all. Kudos Eby.

First introduced to us as Demilade Dorego the great’s scorned girlfriend, Enitan has gained an immeasurable amount of momentum and delivers a whole lot of dimension. From discovering that her mom wasn’t her mom and that her parent’s blood might have been spilt by her employers, she’s gone through the most and delivered raw emotion. Let’s not forget how she’s had brothers falling head over heels for her. With much more to offer, we tip our hats off for Theresa Edem.

Probably the evillest man on our peak-time slot, Kolade Bhadmus has an undeniable flare for blood and revenge. We’re constantly taken aback by how far’s he’s willing to roll ( pun intended) to get his way; we’re pretty sure that even the Director forgets that this is scripted. For evil with a touch of gold, kudos to Gbenga Titiloye.

It’s very easy to shine the light on persona’s that anchor and almost completely forget about the chain that holds the anchor steady. Akajo has been part of our viewing journey since Ajoche’s inception and continues to confuse and draw us in with his alarming level of indifference. From detaching himself from Aboh sentiments to rising to the task even when his one true friend was to meet the edge of the dagger, we know no greater calm. Kudos Damilola Ogunsi.

Last but certainly not least is the mighty (this is relative really) General Apeh of Ajoche. His evil is so wide spread and immune to limits that the entire story balances on his act of orchestrating the murder of the king’s wife, his own brother. A man that despises the very gods he swears by, General Apeh holds the bull by its horns and will duel with death anytime, any day. For evil so blood chilling, kudos to William Benson.

Our work here is done * wink *!

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