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Baby Drama

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When life gives you lemons – Baby Drama

24 June 2021
While Esosa and Natasha yearn to become mothers, Iye, Oni and Amara aren’t sure about bringing kids into the world.
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Make lemonade and add honey for flavour. That’s what the universe keeps telling Esosa and Natasha and judging by the way they try to remedy her troubles; they believe in this method. The infertility passes for the lemons, while their efforts to finally gift Oscar and Chief heirs are the honey – and you know just how much honey these ladies have added to their respective jars.

Hubbies? What hubbies?

Chief and Oscar may be birds of different shapes and beak sizes, but they sure flock together. Though Oscar has been entertaining Amara for longer than a while, he’s never had the audacity to come right and say it to Esosa. Chief, on the other hand, blatantly disrespected Natasha by not only telling her about his daughter (much younger than their marriage) and concubine/ girlfriend but by bringing them into his marital home without even a sign of embarrassment. See this man eh!

To magnify the points of interest in their marriages, Oscar seems to have lost interest in he and Esosa’s relationship. He even came right out to tell her that they’ll fail at baby-making another time. On the other hand, Chief almost dropped his mistress midair when Natasha lied about finally being pregnant. Lemons, anyone?

Others have what they want!

Natasha seemed visibly heartbroken when she found out that women from the dodgy fertility clinic she visited fell pregnant, while she had to search the ends of the earth for a viable solution. As for Esosa, she has to deal with the fact that her sister Iye is freshly pregnant but cares more about her career than she does about her unborn baby and marriage, and while at the clinic for her routine, she overheard Oni telling Amara to get rid of the baby while she herself still begs the universe to gift her with fertility.

A bit more honey, yes?


Now, the most concerning part of all of this is the fact that Natasha and Esosa have bound their purposes to homemaking and baby-raising. They’ve lost sight of who they are outside of these functions and may never find themselves again. Especially given the fact that they are married to men as emotionally bankrupt as Chief and Oscar.

As we near the end of the season, Esosa is close to finding out who her husband’s mistress is, and Chief is bound to find out that Natasha is nowhere near pregnant. The cookie is about to crumble and we’re not certain if it’ll be possible to collect the crumbs.

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