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The mystery behind the bag comes to light – Apo

13 December 2023
As the season ends, the chaos-causing bag ends up in the hands of the police, and the lives of the Olanrewaju tenants change for good.
The mystery behind the bag comes to light

A mysterious bag containing cash, a charm, and a gun left the residents of the Olanrewaju compound in a frenzy throughout the season; with everyone's eyes on the money, we saw family feuds, rivalry, marital wars, and how greed can affect a once peaceful household. 

How did the bag appear? 

Interestingly, even though the money did not belong to anyone in the house, most of the tenants were not bothered about its origin, only to discover that two conmen, Ola and Gbadebo, had stolen the money with the help of an accomplice, Temitope, whom they poisoned and killed because of greed.

Temitope haunted them persistently, which led them to seek counsel from a spiritualist who advised them to put some money, a charm, and a gun in a bag and bury them at her gravesite to appease her spirit. Unfortunately for them, Yomi saw them in action. Once they left, He removed the bag from where it was buried and fled with it, only to get knocked down by a car, leaving it on the road, and its journey to the Olanrewaju compound began. 

Ola and Gbadebo's selfishness led them to the hands of the police as they almost successfully scammed another innocent victim, Fisayo. After being arrested, the police recovered the bag, and things change for the characters on Apo; Demilade has a successful heart surgery, all thanks to Jomiloju's friend Fisayo's generous donation, Jomiloju finds out that Bukola's pregnancy was not his and she was indeed cheating on him with Laja.

Jomiloju slowly withdrew from Bukola, leaving her with no choice but to gracefully exit their marriage and home. Bukola's exit from the Olanrewaju compound left a golden opportunity for Jomiloju to reconcile with Ireti, his first love and mother of the only child he could ever have due to an accident.  

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