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Apo, Iwe, and Kariya set to premiere on Africa Magic

31 August 2023
This September, prepare for a journey into captivating storytelling with brand-new indigenous series on Africa Magic Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.
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As we celebrate twenty years of creating magic on your screens we are turning up the entertainment and bringing to you three amazing indigenous series on Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Igbo, and Africa Magic Yoruba this September. 

Apo on Africa Magic Yoruba

"Apo," meaning the bag, is set to launch on AM Yoruba Ch. 157 on 18 September; this mystery drama series tells the story of the tenants of the Olanrewaju compound who suddenly find a mysterious bag containing money, a charm, and a gun in their "face me, I face you" home, leading to greed and rivalry taking over and a series of twisted events. The family drama series Apo will feature unforgettable characters showcasing the rich Yoruba culture. 

Iwe on Africa Magic Igbo

Also launching on 25 September on AM Igbo Ch. 159 is an African Magic original Igbo drama series called Iwe (Anger). Iwe focuses on the story of two kingdoms, Oba-Ekwe and Idu Amaja, who were once called Iduna Oba. However, prosperity, jealousy, and greed caused them to separate, leaving each royal sibling to talk over half. A brave young prince, Nwafor, propelled by unknown forces and fueled by his desire to save his kingdom from his oppressor, embarks on a  journey to reunite the two kingdoms to become one again.

Kariya on Africa Magic Hausa

Another entertaining series to anticipate is Kariya (Sanctuary), which premieres on 22 September on AM Hausa Ch. 156. If you are a native Hausa speaker who loves a romantic drama series, Kariya is for you! Kariya follows the journey of two renowned Islamic relationship counselors, Tariq and Hadiza Al-Hassan, who are on the brink of divorce after Tariq's infidelity threatens to become a public scandal as Zara, Tariq's mistress plans to disclose that she is carrying his child if she does not receive compensation. As the couple attempts to handle the situation, a group of armed individuals on the run from the police invade their home, leading to a night that spirals into chaos. 

Catch Apo starting on 18 September on Africa Magic Yoruba at 18:30 WAT, Kariya premieres on 22 September on Africa Magic Hausa at 20:00 WAT, and Iwe launching on 25 September on Africa Magic Igbo at 19:00 WAT.