Why Banky W is the best hubby!

27 March 2018
Mr.Wellington celebrates another year of life today after tying the bow on a 2018 full of pretty incredible milestones
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Naija's most eligible bachelor finally retired from the game and married his queen, Adesua. After seeing what went down at "#BAAD2017" we can totally see why they're so smitten with each other. So in honour of his special day, here are some of the things that we think make him husband goals!

He's got a lovely voice

Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. There's nothing quite like having a gifted bae who can serenade you or give you a private concert at the drop of a dime and Banky is as smooth an R&B crooner as they come.

He was Team #Beardgang before is was mainstream

Banky W was rocking fitted suits & a trim, full beard before it was the go to aesthetic for insta models everywhere. That he's handsome with a capital H is simply the icing on the cake and it's not hard to see why he has hoards of adoring fans seeing heart eyes. As we all know however, it's what's on the inside that counts and his compassionate and fun-loving nature are what truly shines the most.

He's all about friends and family

One of the things that was abundantly clear when we watched The Wellingtons was how close-knit Banky W's family are and how many loyal and supportive friends he has in his circle. The overwhelming feeling when the festivities were unfolding was one of love and joy radiating everywhere. When people gravitate torward you like that, it's indicative of your character.

He is Adesua's BIGGEST fan

There's nothing in the world quite like finding a witness to your life who makes you feel lke you're the centre of their universe and Banky sure knows how to put his wife's love on top. At the end of the day, come rain or shine, through highs and lows, that kind of devotion is what truly counts and makes it all work in the end. All of us at Africa Magic wish you the happiest of birthdays and plenty more years filled with love, good health and contentment as you embark on this new chapter with your soulmate! Hit us up on our social platforms if you'd like to show love aswell.

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