What kept #AMJemeji trending all week!

15 June 2017
We're sure Senami never expected the madness that awaited her in Aji but it's made for some great viewing!
Jemeji gran

Things have reached fever pitch on Jemeji with Senami's efforts to help keep the people of Aji in good health, blowing up in her face. She's even been accused of witchcraft and narrowly escaped death in addition to losing her grandmother to a tragic car accident. Throw in the fact her potential bae Kingsley is the one who was behind the wheel and you've got a recipe for drama  and it's sent the twitterverse into a frenzy. It's no wonder therefore that last night, "#AMJemeji" became the number one trend in Nigeria. Here's a look at some of the tweets that made it happen!

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The war between #TeamViynami and #TeamKinami keeps intensifying . . . but we're not complaining!


Oviyon the mommy's boy and his ovebearing mother who's always terrorising him . . .



Speaking of Oviyon (the professional "farm designer" of Aji ) . . .



It hasn't all been laughter however with Iya Minasu's death becoming on of the most heartbreaking moments of the season. Also, the speech it inspired? Brilliant!


Feeling a little left out. Catch Jemeji every weeknight at 21:30 CAT and join the conversation on Twitter, #AMJemeji. What have been some of your favourite moments from the show so far? Share them with us after the jump!

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