Who will win Teni's heart?

20 June 2017
Her dashing, high school sweet came back into her life mere days after her wedding ended in disaster. Is this a sign?
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Love can be so fickle and fleeting. Sometimes the people we love and trust implicitly are the ones whose true intentions are most difficult to tell. The harder and deeper you fall, the more difficult it becomes to see what's right in front of you. Perhaps that's what makes Micheal and Teni's love story so fascinating. On the surface they are the perfect couple. Young, beautiful, wealthy and madly in love. Look a little closer however and a complex web of dark secrets and lies unravels.

Life has a way of bringing the truth to fore however and as fate would have it, Teni's former flame or "Dr Hotness" as he's now affectionately known, was entrusted with nursing her father back to full strength. The consequence of this is Dr Emeka is always around the house now and whatever unfinished business they have between them has left them unable to keep their hands off each other. 

Now before you rush to judge Teni remember that Michael has his own demons and unlike her fiance he's actually crossed the line (physically at least). In addition to a mysterious illness he won't discuss he has regular, spicy hook ups on the down low with a dominatrix. Casting further doubt on the relationship is Michael's father who's made it clear he's only pushing for the wedding in order to be affiliated with Chief Kolade when he runs for the position of State Govenor. That said, it's probably worth stressing that while she hasn't  gotten intimate with Emeka, emotional cheating can be just as (if not more) hurtful.

So spicy is the love triangle that the stars of the show have gotten in on the fun with Nonso Bassey taking a jab at Ozzy Agu and claiming he stole his girl, "#EmekaNotMichael". The two characters have also come close to making out several times with someone always seeming to interupt them before they go to far!

What's your take? Given that he's a liar and a cheat does, Michael deserve what might come his way if Teni falls for Emeka again? Are you holidng out hope for Michael and Teni to find happiness? Drop us a comment below and tell us if you think their love stands a chance. Don't miss an all new episode of Battleground tonight at 21:00 CAT on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv Ch151.

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