Well cooked Ghanian jollof – Jara

25 October 2018
James Gardiner is looking to explore Nollywood's pastures and we couldn't be happier!
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While many are suckers for dolphins, singing cats and furry creatures, we’re totally pro good looks and X factors; so much so that we’ve created a ‘look book’ just to serve our eyes and this week, Ghanaian actor and media personality, James Gardiner is it.

James’ on-screen influences and innate passion for the arts has seen him conquering the Ghanaian industry, broadening his artistic spectrum and giving him a footstool in the Nollywood scene. Now we all know just how daunting the tinsel town hustle can be and for those without backbones and stone-grinding teeth, it’s a definite dream slayer. For this Ghanaian looker however, it’s a ‘no pain, no gain’ type kind of world.

… Because we couldn’t get our jaws to stop sweeping the floor while we watched him gist our breaths away with dear old Uti, we just had to put on our full ‘groupie’ amour and launch a probe on his social platforms – and to say our eyes were treated to a multicourse meal would be a complete understatement. Go on, keep reading.

See what we meant?! We totally agree that Nollywood presents a bed of opportunities and we absolutely can’t wait to have James Gardiner serve us sugar, spice and all things nice. Watch this space yal. Missed this week’s episode of Jara? Check out the video down below and catch up.

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