Weekend Viewing: Highlites with IK

08 May 2015
Is IK a back up dancer for Nikki Laoye now?
Weekend Viewing: Highlites with IK

Remember all those funny but kinda spooky stories we used to share back then in boarding house? On this episode of Highlites with IK, we go back in time to discuss those stories and urban tales. The guests on the couch Nikki Laoye, Linda Ejiofor and OC Ukeje also share their experiences and urban tales about madam koikoi, baba dudu and the rest.

At the end of the interview, the guests get to play a game with IK where they have to act a mini role given to them, which turns out quite hilarious. OC was made to take on the role of a man already at the alter, only to discover the bride isn't his woman. Nikki Laoye on the other hand will advertise and convince us about a product.

Closing this weekend's jam-packed episode is Nikki Laoye who will be performing one of her hit songs. Don't miss out on seeing IK, OC and Linda as her back up dancers.

This is one episode you can't afford to miss. See it on AfricaMagic Showcase (DStv channel 151) this Saturday at 21:15CAT.