We're crushing on these iconic Nollywood BFFs

02 September 2020
These BFFs are absolute goals – and we're totally crushing!
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We’ve all been dished just enough friendship proverbs to last a couple of reincarnations – and whether we choose to admit it or throw it out the window, we all need people in our corner in times of "solace drought". Friendships are tough beverages to brew, but despite their more than average cross-affiliations, these Nollywood beauties are total BFF goals. Crushing on…

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Obviously a match orchestrated by the universe, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and our Tinsel darling Linda Ejiofor, are a total breeze on a hot Lagos afternoon. Thanks to our broken-down keke, we couldn’t get to the starting point of this beautiful friendship, but we simply can’t hide our admiration and jealousy (mostly admiration though). From professional affairs, to church trips in matching outfits and holding each other down on wedding days, these two beauties are definitely crush-worthy.

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We know what we’ll get when mixing red and yellow paint. But what exactly do you get when placing a world-renowned catwalk supermodel and an internationally celebrated motion picture artiste in the same test tube? An explosively beautiful friendship, that's what! Not only are Genevieve Nnaji and her BFF Oluchi Orlandi 'drop dead, roll over and cry’ gorgeous, they’re also gaining incredible momentum in their different career lanes. Definitely crush-worthy.

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There is nothing more beautiful than women that see each other as support structures and engage in mutually beneficial competition. These are the exact vibes we’re getting from lethally talented duo, Diana Yekinni and Ade Laoye. Both heading 'The Real Deal' an intensive workshop for actors – and balancing successful onscreen careers, we’re totally crushing on these two.

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If you thought one woman could change the world; imagine four! The supremely talented and confident Ufuoma Mc Dermott, Uche Jumbo, Chioma Chukwuka and Omoni Oboli are definitely forces to be reckoned with. All industry heavyweights with top-notch productions under their belts, we’re totally crushing on them.

Images: As seen on Jara and 53 Extra

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