Day 66: "We Have To Play With Her Little Head," Ike

04 September 2019
Ike is good to go, so let the mind games begin... officially.

Although most of the members of the Pepper Dem Gang claim they each don't have a strategy, they have never failed to apply a little twist and wit to the dynamics of their interactions in the House. The mind game is one of those twists.

Mind Games

Looks like Diane isn’t the only one rattled by Venita constantly trying to rile people up. Ike expressed the same concern when she complained to him about her ordeal with Venita as they prepared for the Arla Dano Task. Diane blamed her outburst on insecurity because it all started the moment she heard her name while she was having a discussion with Frodd. Ike in response believed Venita was fond of playing mind games and he was willing to take her on.

“I will make her feel like everyone in the House hates her,” he said of his mind game strategy. So dedicated is he on this quest that he is willing to put in time and energy to irritate her. “All is fair in Big Brother House,” Elozonam said as he urged Ike on. That was rather surprising seeing as Elozonam is Venita’s close friend or so it seems.

Ike also blamed Venita’s actions on the pending Eviction and that was why she was putting up a show.

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Yikes! Elozonam Is In Trouble

Ike insisting on playing mind games with Venita also spurred Elozonam on too and he responded, “maybe I should start playing games with people.” Such a wrong move because Diane heard it an immediately responded, “I feel like you’ve been playing games with me.” Now, what would have been the ideal response was an immediate denial, but Elozonam was in the mood to dig himself deeper. “I think you have been playing games with me too,” he responded. He must have recognised his folly as he eventually denied ever playing games with her. Elozonam is also up for Eviction and the fear of the Housemates he is going up against has him rattled.

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Task Preparation Update

The preparation for the Arla Dano Task is certainly taking a toll on the Pepper Dem Gang. Diane wants Ike to focus his energy on winning instead of the mind games he plans to play with Venita. “I want to win, I haven’t won anything so instead of focusing on Venita, focus energy on the game,” she said trying to dissuade Ike from his agenda. Although they made up, Tacha got into it with Khafi earlier because she wasn’t pleased with how Khafi was following up with the other teammates and making sure they did the task assigned to each of them. ignore her.

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We can’t tell if it’s the quest to win or the one million cash price that has the Housemates on the edge, but whatever it is, we sure do hope it spurs them to give a good result during the presentation.

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