Day 2: Victory, Conflict and Tears

02 July 2019
Day 2: From the wins to fights and tears, it's been quite a day.

A Win in Hand

It was all smiles for Housemates as a couple of them won Bet9ja Coins after the day’s task. After an intensive Endurance Challenge, ending the day with Bet9ja Coins in their hand made it all better.

Fish Fiasco

Food caused a mild Drama in the House for the second time running as Tacha and Thelma got into an altercation over fish today. Turns out Thelma dished out food to Thelma without adding fish. This resulted in Thelma getting confronting Tacha and accusing her of serving her beggarly meals.

Just recently Esther threw a fit and launched into a tirade about not having anything to eat after working effortlessly to make it because someone else ate it. Unlike that incidence where Mike apologized and tried to make it all better, this episode of food fight didn’t go that way. Tacha and Thelma kept going at each other with Tacha dishing out a slur of expletives.


Frodd couldn’t help but let the tears flow as he reminisced about what he went through during the audition and having to leave his recuperating mum at home. Fortunately for him, he had Mike and Isolomo consoling him with reassuring words. Not too long after, Omashola broke down briefly while talking to Khafi. Tried as he did to stop it, the tears still flowed.

Watch Frodd Breakdown in Tears.

Are the tears a strategy or a show of emotions? Time will tell.

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