Two peas in Cupid's pod – DMF Nigeria

13 January 2020
Date my family bridges the gaps between Naija singles and give them a chance to mingle.

We had such a blast during the first episode, it was imperative that we regroup, re-posture, and hit the ‘match-making’ bull’s eye once again.

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On this week’s serving, our bachelor, Jay-jay Majekodunmi, a 31-year-old tech-head from Victoria Island claims to have been single for a full year and celibate for half the time. When asked about his perfect puzzle piece, this looker dropped Attractiveness and independence to the same proportion. Basically, the babe must be a family orientated looker that’s able to clean after herself and has a dollar account. Haba! E no be too much nko?!

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Anywho… First in hopeville’s queue to love was Charlotte. Represented by her squad; Amarachi, Sasha and Murphy, this Lagos babe was stretched and wrapped in neon lights - Described as super vibey, sorely attractive and a ball of fun.

The dinner table contents were obviously on the ‘flow’ side of things and as instructed by our hopeful in hiding, questions about Jay’s sexual life and stance came up and we could have sworn everyone kept nodding in approval.

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Rowing on, Jay’s second stop was at Chinenye’s humble abode, and waiting to woe him were Yvonne, Ijay and Busayo. Obviously well aware of the proverb “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, Yvonne threw the ‘she’s a good cook’ line and let the universe do the rest.

E no be lie that Jay and Chine’s tribe’s meet was quite smooth, and local man definitely held his own, but judging by the way they answered questions about her career dynamics, hobbies and pet peeves, the girl’s ‘Elenco’ had the handles too.

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Last but not least on cupid’s list was Goodness’ camp; Bright, Emmanuel and Challenge. Described as kind and well-meaning, the babe’s Fitbit should be just as kind and Godfearing. Osheeey!

After moving a few chess pieces and evaluating the ground, Jay gravitated towards Chine’s and there was a date. Birds don’t always collect the same material, but the nests are common… No one sabi wetin go happen on the second date but we smell matchup. Oya, see you next time.

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