Twinning: Bonang and Toke M

22 April 2017
These besties are two superstar peas in a pod
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They are savvy business women, style stars and veritable entertainment powerhouses - and even though they may live in different parts of Africa, besties Bonang Matheba from South Africa and Toke Makinwa repping Nigeria, still make time for each other.

From fun meet-ups in sunny South Africa, to glam jaunts in New York City, our girls are certainly living their best lives and are living proof that there’s nothing wrong with closing big deals and looking good while at it. Apart from being doppelgänger best friends (twinsies), Toke and Bonang are taking it further and confounding us all with their perfectly similar style (samesies). Just look.

When you and your bestie have the same peeper pose

28 tonang2

We're green with envy

28 tonang12 006 pre

Crossing the street in 'The Big Apple' in similar style

28 tonang3

Taste in eyewear? Exact same

34 tonang

Who's who in the zoo?

34 tonang4

African queens

28 tonang5

Denim on white

34 tonang6


28 tonang7

Go best fraan, that's my best fraan

28 tokenang 004 pre

Twinning in blue

28 tonang8

Homeys that PJ together, stay together

28 tonang10

We love these skirts, girls

33 tonang9

Travelling in (similar) style

33 tonang11

We have to ask - who is dipping in whose closet? Also, can we be besties so we can get a piece of the action? Slay on!

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Images via Instagram: @tokemakinwa @bonang_m