Day 36: To Your Teams, Oh Housemates

05 August 2019
No Nominations tonight, but there's more.

If there’s anything the Pepper Dem Gang have to get used to, it’s the frequent twists in the Big Brother Naija House. Today’s twist saw no Nominations for Eviction, rather Housemates were divided into two different Teams named ‘The Icons’ and ‘Cruisetopia’. 

Startled by Biggie’s announcement that they move to the Arena instead of the Diary Room where they usually make their weekly Nominations, the Pepper Dem Gang proceeded to divide themselves into two different Teams.

The Division Process

After being made to select a drum for each gender, Housemates were made to pick one armband from each drum which contained both red and green armbands. Upon picking one, they were to wear it and proceed promptly to the box with the matching colour of the armband.

Who is part of The Icons’ and ‘Cruisetopia’?

Elozonam and Cindy were the first to make a pick and what a coincidence! They both picked armbands with the same colour and landed in the same Team.

Here’s the camp all your Pepper Dem Housemate landed.

Red (The Icons)

Green (Cruisetopia)















Sir Dee




The Icons

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1565035094 56 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 7.29.42 pm

What’s in Store for Each Camp?

This new twist means all the Housemates will henceforth play all the Big Brother Naija Games in their selected Teams. Housemates don’t get to change camps and Team Challenges will be designed to reward the winning Team and punish the losing Team.

No longer will they have the usual Nomination process of putting up fellow Housemates up, instead they will be having Nomination Challenges. The losing team of the Nomination Challenge will automatically have all the team members up for possible Eviction. This also affects the Wager Task. The winning Team will have weekly supplies while the losing Team will have nothing.

The Housemates React

“I will rest, no more Nominations!”

Tacha screamed as she couldn’t hide her excitement at not have to deal with being put up for Eviction this week. She has been a constant feature on the list of Housemates up for Eviction every week and her joy is quite understandable. Omashola too was relieved as he showed his joy in his typical boisterous manner.

This new twist has changed the Game as team members have each other to count on to survive being put up for Eviction. Do the teammates have what it takes to keep each other from being Nominated? Time will tell.

Watch the Team Grouping Process

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