Through the darkest times — Unmarried

25 January 2021
The season kicked off with Funbi losing her baby in the labor ward, Kamsi’s love life down the drain and it seems there’s no rainbow in sight for the Unmarried ladies.
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At first, we thought there was a new addition to the family and while Kamsi and Funbi’s mother were hoping for the good news, darkness filled the room as the bad news of the baby’s death filled the air.

One would have thought Funbi’s mother would come through as her major support system in this trying period. Imagine our surprise when she indirectly blamed the death of the baby on her; saying the child would not have died if she had told Chuka about it. “With all the money he has, he would have sent you outside the country to have the child,” she said.

Friendship over everything

Nengi on the other hand was having the time of her life with her new lover, Ade. While Kamsi was trying to call her to give her the news about Funbi’s situation, Nengi was nowhere to be found. While she was waiting at a company to pitch for a contract, she finally got the wind of the news from Nosa and proceeded to call Kamsi back. Why do you think she wasn’t interested in talking to her girls in the first place though?

Love gone wrong

While Kamsi was trying to deal with Lota trying to punish her for choosing Nosa over him (Lotanna would not let her keep the children because she’s living with her new lover), she had to put up a brave face to be there for her friend, Funbi. After taking a much-needed break at the beach, Kamsi went back home and got the shocker of her life. Nosa was in bed with another lady...

Could things get any worse for these ladies? Where did the happily ever after go?

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