Through distance and time – OPW

13 May 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land.

One doesn’t need a ‘love 101’ crash course to unbundle just how insanely connected Akunna and Sam really; sharing a love so bliss, it deserves to be frozen in time.

The traditional lag of this mass celebration was quite interesting, to say the least. With both the bride and groom exquisitely dressed in Igbo ensemble, the traditional niceties cocooned in praises and traditional chants of blessings and longevity kicked off and as tradition confirmed, Sam finally found a home in Akunna.

Both basking in unconceivable joy and ready to step down their path of forever, Akunna and Sam looked absolutely bespoke and their guests definitely approved.
Accompanied by matrimonial symphonies, the bride made her way to the front of the temple and forsaking all others, said: “I do”. What had existed in segments was now a unit. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Kingsley.

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