Akunna and Sam's love story – OPW

13 May 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land.

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? Well, the absolute reciprocation of love and affection between this week’s throbs prove that there might be some truth to this notion.

Fate-orchestrated events camouflaged in ‘normal day at the office’ took unsuspecting Akunna by surprise, and though she made absolutely nothing of her co-worker introducing her to a friend in London, the thousands of miles could not impede the ignition of the sparks between them.

Sam placed all his cards on the table and tried his hardest to push against Akunna’s initial resistance; but with cupid’s assistance and a bit of luck, Akunna obliged and something special was led to the brew.

After a few years of fueling the fire, Akunna knew that she want the ring and that’s exactly what she got.

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