Things you probably didn’t know about the Talent

11 July 2017
We discover their favourite childhood games, their favourite food and their dreams.
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You’ve watched them perform and have probably already picked out a favourite. We decided to dig a little deeper into the Talent’s lives to find out some of the things you probably didn’t know about them and here’s what we found: 

Ever wondered what they were like as children, as in the kind of games they liked to play? Well, we found out that while some liked modern games, like scrabble and computer games, others, such as Joy Ebiem and Arewa Comfort actually liked playing local games, “Suwe” and “Ten-Te”.

Most of the Talent are quite the cooks too, so it’s not just about music with them. Some of their favourite meals are Nigerian cuisine, including jollof rice and egusi soup.

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"Yes, I can cook," says Emmanuel Precious. My favourite meals include jollof rice, chicken and dodo. I love Ogbono soup too!" Check out the egusi soup he prepared for his family:

Joy Ebiem also admitted to being quite a good cook too, adding that her favourite meals include ofe aku stew and rice. Check her out attempting to light a fire: 

Besides their dream of becoming the country's biggest musicians, the Talent also have plans of becoming sound engineers, designers, TV presenters and even being the country's ambassador etc. should their first dream (making it in the music industry) realise no success.  

There’s a lot to learn about your favourite Talent, as the show continues over the next few weeks. Make sure you don't miss any moment by tuning in every Sunday!    

Feature images source: Google Images and Talent Instagram accounts.

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