Things you probably didn't know about DNA

27 March 2018
Our fave twins really got candid during their chat with Tora last night and we couldn't help picking up on a few interesting revelations
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Blair and Clinton just dropped a brand new track, 'Adanmi' ft MayorKun and with smash hits 'How Can' & 'Queen' under their belt already, it looks like a FIRE, debut album or EP might be on the horizon. That's why Tora joined them in the studio to connect and find out what inspires these budding stars in addition to figuring out their work flow & even how they deal with conflict. Here's a couple interesting things we learnt.

They're learning to produce their own music

The show kicked off with a mini jam session to a ragga tinged beat the twins created and we left impressed impressed. Clearly working with the maestro, Don Jazzy is rubbing off on them. When Tora quizzed them about their creative process they revealed that they aren't big fans of a rigid system and surprisingly, sometimes they won't even record at the same time. That said they thrive on feeding off each other's energy until the record is perfect. While they insist they aren't ready for prime time just yet, we're holding thumbs for a DNA produced track in the near future.

They LOVE making people guess who's who

Even by identical twin standards, Blair and Clinton are nearly indescernible and Tora (like many) got thrown for a curveball when they started trying to confuse her with each claiming that they were the other. By their own admission, it's a trick they've loved playing since they were young which makes perfect sense given their fun-loving nature and affinity for pranks.

They used to stalk Don Jazzy

Yes, you read that right. The twins were in stitches as they recounted how they used to spam Don Jazzy's email and DMs with their music. "Good evening boss, it's your boys DNA" they wrote, time and again but he never responded. At least not until their successful run on The Voice Nigeria gave them the platform they needed to make everyone sit up and take notice. The rest, as the old adage goes, is history.

Tora really went in so you'll find even more exciting revelations in the full interview below. Make sure to cop their new single while you're at it. You can catch DNA every Friday night as the host Music Buzz which plays at 21:30 (WAT) / 22:30 (CAT) on DStv Ch153.

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