That "old flame" is burning still

27 June 2017
It looked like they were through after Teni fired him but Emeka had other plans.
old falme

Feeding each other chocolates, gentle caresses and dozens of "almost" kisses? It was all bound to lead to something and that's exactly what happened last night on Battleground. Michael might have proudly proclaimed that Teni had made her choice but honestly, we all knew he was fronting. Even after getting releaved of his duties, Dr. Emeka gisted with Teni, wishing her luck "IF the wedding happened" to which she swiftly retorted, "When . . . When the wedding happens!".  For a moment, things were tense and it looked like they'd just shake hands and part ways, then this happened. 

"Why is Teni so stuck on Emeka", you might ask? Well, other than the fact that he's her first love, it probably has a lot to do with the way he unceremoniously departed the last time they were intimate. Her mother might have her own demons she's fighting right now but Adaora was spot on when she warned Teni about the danger of seeking closure with Emeka.

Regret can cause us so much heartache, particularly when that which could have been is right in front of us. Nevermind the fact that nostalgia can make you see things through rose coloured glasses at times. Is that what's happening here though? Are Adaora's instincts about Emeka accurate? 

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