The world is my canvas

10 June 2019
Concept artist, Laolu Senbanjo graces our MCM pedestal this week.
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Just a few years ago, there existed unwritten status quo that low-key governed how functional art was and in so doing, dictated what was to be considered art worth appreciation and celebration. Loalu and his peers have however challenged this status quo and continue to ride waves of artistic versatility.

Born and Bred in Nigeria, Laolu Senbanjo’s passion for the arts stemmed from his need to culminate sentiments too deeply ill-represented and overly boxed by words. Having practised law for a good 3 years, he’s allowed himself to be a receptive element that would drive spirituality and activism through tribalistic markings.

With enough blazing collaborations to end the cold war, Laolu mentions his partnership with international alcohol brand, Belvedere as one of the most rewarding in 2018. Mind you, this ball of greatness has created jaw-dropping concepts for the likes of Beyoncé, Taraji P, Lupita Nyongo, and other Hollywood A-listers.

Downright deserving of the ‘man of the moment’ award for tirelessly pioneering what was once considered unconventional and ‘primitive’, and turning into well-sought-out works of genius, Laolu graces this week’s MCM pedestal. Paint on Sah! Check out his talk on the Ted stage down below.

Cover image: Laolu's Instagram

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