The Voice Nigeria: International Coach - Adam Levine

24 December 2015
We broke down The Voice USAs coach, Adam Levine's career by the numbers and the results just may impress you. Take a look!
The Voice Nigeria: International Coach - Adam Levine
Adam Levine is not only the frontman for American band, Maroon 5, but also one of the most recognised coaches on The Voice. Widely respected as a vocalist, the Grammy winner is often a contestant favourite when it comes to contestants picking a coach for themselves, and it pays off!

With The Voice Nigeria coming soon, we took a look at one of The Voice's most successful coaches and broke down his career by the numbers. Take a look:

3 - The number of contestants who've won under him as a coach. (Season 1, 5 and 9)

5 - The number of albums Adam has released with Maroon 5.

36 - Adam's age. He was born in 1976 on the 18 of March in Los Angeles, California.

2011 - The year he joined The Voice USA as a coach.

9 - The number of seasons he has taken part in.


There's no denying that Adam knows how to make a star of not just himself, but anyone on his team. Now we wait to see which African music star will be just as successful with their team on The Voice Nigeria.

Who do you think that will be?

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