The Voice Nigeria: Fun Facts

22 December 2015
Are you keen on entering The Voice Nigeria? Here are a few fun facts about the amazing singing show!
The Voice Nigeria: Fun Facts
Auditions for The Voice Nigeria are almost here! But before you warm up those vocal chords, we put together a few fun facts about one of the most popular singing shows in the world!

Here are six fun facts about The Voice:

- The creator of The Voice, John De Mol, is also the same individual who created famed reality show, Big Brother!

- The Voice first aired in the Netherlands on the 17th of September, 2010

- There are 13 artists who have been coaches in more than one country or region.

- In the US, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are the only coaches to have been there for all 9 seasons of The Voice.

- There is also a children's version of The Voice in Spanish called La Voz Kids. It first aired in 2013 with contestants aged between 7 to 15years old.

- Lastly, the famous spinning chairs the judges sit on weigh an astounding 120kgs, EACH!

If you would like to enter The Voice Nigeria, fill in the registration form here then take a look at the live audition dates here.

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