The STEAL: A glorious lifeline to the Lives!

15 August 2017
Six Talent have been given a second chance so far and are going in to the Lives on different Teams.

With only two possible STEALS and one Battles round remaining, the road to the Lives has worn thin for the Talent that are still to do Battle this Sunday.

Six Talent have been given a lifeline to the Lives, thanks to the STEAL and they’ve switched from one Coach to another. Here’s how:


Daniel from #TeamWaje to #TeamPato

Pato and Waje ‘fought’ for Daniel at the Blinds but Daniel went for #TeamWaje. Come Battles time, Daniel didn’t make the cut for #TeamWaje, as she chose Efezino over him. Coach Pato stepped in, pressing the STEAL buzzer and winning him over.



Favour from #TeamPato to #TeamWaje

She got four chair turns at the Blinds, choosing #TeamPato in the end and at the Battles stage, Pato chose KessyDriz for the Lives. Luckily, Waje pressed the STEAL buzzer, just as a tearful Favour was giving her exit speech, giving her a lifeline to the Lives.


Wolei from #TeamYemi to #TeamTimi  

He chose #TeamYemi over #TeamPato at the Blinds and unfortunately, Coach Yemi chose Majeeka for the Lives. Coach Timi waited long enough for Wolei to give his exit speech and pressed the STEAL buzzer just before he stepped off the stage.


Wilson from #TeamWaje to #TeamYemi

Wilson chose #TeamWaje at the Blinds and after his magical performance with Glowrie, his Coach picked Glowrie. Coach Yemi was so taken by their performance, she eagerly waited for Waje to pick before swooping in to STEAL Wilson.


Syemca from #TeamPato to #TeamYemi

He’s another Talent who picked the SkyLevel Team at the Blinds and after a mighty Battle with Afolayan, Pato chose the latter. It wasn’t long before Waje, Timi and Yemi all pressed the STEAL buzzer and all three wanting him to be on their Team and he picked #TeamYemi for the Lives.


Yimika from #TeamYemi to #TeamPato

Yimika picked #TeamYemi at the Blinds and after his enchanting Battle with Bunmi at the Battles, his Coach chose the latter for the Lives. Pato and Timi pressed the STEAL buzzer and Yimika chose #TeamPato for the Lives.

The remaining Talent that went through at the Blinds still need to prove themselves to the Coaches this Sunday. Who will make the cut, who will be given and second change and who will be going home? All this shall be revealed this Sunday. Be sure not to miss it!


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