The naughty lives of 10th Avenue residents

07 July 2024
From cheating spouses to secret rendezvous, 10th Avenue exposes the naughty side of its residence.
The naughty lives of 10th Avenue residents

Estates in prime locations are supposed to be oases of peace and tranquillity, that people can call homeβ€”a heaven-on-earth paradise. But for the residents of 10th Avenue, there’s a whole lot more going on. This seemingly peaceful estate has its share of randiness and sexual shenanigans, and 10th Avenue is no exception. From the old to the young, single to married, everyone seems to have a naughty side.

Double trouble
Arc. Akinloye might be trying to steal the Estate Chairman spot from Osagie, but his sights are set on something else too: the young interviewer, Gbemi! We saw him getting all cosy with her after a supposed marriage advice interview, then sneaking into her place later! But wait, there's more! His wife, Anjola, also has a wandering eye and ends up sneaking into Osagie’s house for an intimate rendezvous. What a couple!

Grief or relief?
Felix lost his child a while back, and the tragedy clearly weighs heavily on his wife, Colette. But for Felix? Not so much. He seems to be finding solace (or maybe just a distraction) in the arms of another woman named Akunna. Colette, however, isn't having any of it. Let's just say a certain lipstick stain on Felix's shirt led to a very tense situation with a knife involved!

Supermarket surprise
Rebecca, Colette's maid, takes "running errands" to a whole new level. Turns out, her "supermarket" trips are actually rendezvous with a young fella who has a thing for, ahem, getting friendly with the estate's domestic staff. What a guy!

The Verdict: Naughty neighbours
We may not know these folks super well yet, but one thing's for sure: the residents of 10th Avenue are a ridiculously scandalous bunch! And honestly, based on what fans are saying, we kind of love the drama!

Can't wait to see what wild things they get up to next on 10th Avenue showing on Thursdays and Fridays on Africa Magic Showcase at 8:30pm